Dedication to Zabiha Halal

Zabiha Halal meat is meat that is slaughtered according to Islamic law (Sharia) and thus permissible for Muslims to consume. All of our meat is sourced from animals that are hand-slaughtered. We are strict about adhering to the following conditions:

1)     A Muslim adult must perform the slaughtering of the animal/bird

2)     The animal/bird will not be stunned prior to slaughtering

3)     A blessing must be recited on EACH animal/bird

4)     The animal/bird will be cut horizontally at the neck, between the throat and the gullet, making sure to cut the four major veins (two jugular veins of the neck, trachea, and the esophagus) with one swift cut

*The blessing (Tasmiyaa in the Arabic language), is the recitation of the Arabic words Bismillah Allahu-Akbar which translates in English to “In the Name of Allah (God)”


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